Burning Feet

Burning and hot feet are the result of many factors, some of which may be out of your control. If you experience Burning Feet then maybe you should consult a professional for help. Otherwise you can explore and try the following:

  1. Swelling- hot and burning feet are often the result of swelling that occurs when people have poor venous (blood) return up their legs.
  2. Fungal Infections- the presence of fungal infections such as Tinea are a sure way to make feet burn. Consult a Podiatrist if unsure
  3. Poor socks and synthetic footwear- both of these can make feet hotter and sweat more. Make sure you purchase high quality socks and footwear that breathes or made of quality leathers.
  4. Friction- In hotter months we tend to wear shoes that cause small movements of the feet such as thongs and sandals- Although they provide air flow to the feet, they can also cause friction that contributes to burning feet.
  5. Seek Help- If you have been unable to reduce your burning feet, then consult a Podiatrist to give you the best advice.
  6. Orthotics & Insoles- supports and special cushions for shoes may very well help reduce the pain of burning feet
  7. Reduce Cons & Calluses- both of these as the pressure from the hard skin can causing buring feet and pain

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