What are Orthotics?

The term Orthotics can also include Orthotic Arch Supports, Insoles, shoe inlays, Arch Supports and foot Inlays. Many people are unaware of the difference and how they function for different pains and problems. When you decide to visit Complete Feet we will diagnose your problem and explain the differences, process and provide a solution within your budget. The likely successful outcome of your treatment will be dependent upon your pathology (problem), which type of treatment you choose and your ability to follow treatment guidelines.

What Do Orthotics Do?

Orthotics are a means by which we can treat your painful feet, ankles, knees or even hips and lower back. With a Professional assessment we can quickly diagnose your problem and provide an easy solution that meets your budget and time limits. In essence Orthotics are a great way to:

  • Take pain away from areas under the foot by placing more weight in other non painful areas.
  • Align the 3 arches of the foot to allow the foot to function normally and heal itself. Its important that all 3 arches are supported and corrected and this is ONLYavailable with Complete Feet Orthotics. The 3 arches we support in your foot are the:

Many clinics claim to make custom orthotics but fail to adequately support ALL areas of the foot. Only by balancing anD supporting these 3 arches perfectly, do you achieve the desired successful result.


Some people with minor problems try a cheap, non Professional product first to see if it makes a difference. If you are in lots of pain, or unsure of what you need please contact us to arrange your professional assessment and diagnosis. At this appointment we can determine what is your problem and provide solutions for it treatment. These solutions may be Orthotics, massage, stretching programs, icing / anti-inflammatory medications, specialist referral or a combination of these treatments. Or you can visit our Online Store for a product that may suit your needs.


  • There are many types of Orthotic Insoles available in the market, and trying to dermine which one will fix your problem and fit comfortably can be very tricky.
  • Basically there are 2 categories of Orthotics/ Insoles/ Arch supports/ Inlays available.
1. Custom made or customised- of which there are 2 different types of Orthotics (link)
2. Off the shelf or out of the packet Orthotics
Complete Feet’s difference is we have a unique system of Orthotic fabrication within our own Orthotic laboratory to give our patients the most comfortable, accurate and pain reducing Orthotics available. PLUS, our Orthotic treatments are backed up by our famous Comfrot & Care – 200% Guarantee.

How Do I Get Orthotics

The process for obtaining Orthotics is simple 6 step process:

  • Contact Complete Feet to find out if we can help you & obtain a time to meet with the friendly clinical staff (add pic of lady on phone)
  • Your initial assessment is one of the most comprehensive available incorporating:
1. Your walking or running is digitally tested on our video treadmill.
2. Scans are made on our patented Tech-Step force analysis pressure pad.
3. The body is measured for imbalances and the feet are given a thorough inspection to find painful area(s), test muscles, ligaments and tendons.
4.Your Podiatrist will prescribe the best course of Orthotic treatment for your feet or refer for scans if required.
Doctor Patient Test Results
5. A cast, mould and measurements can be taken to correct your feet into a ‘normal’ position from which your Orthotics are made. The casts are taken to our Complete Feet Laboratory with your specific prescription for fabrication.
6. The Orthotics are accurately fitted to your feet and footwear ensuring they are comfortable, soft and cushioned. We ensure that your Orthotics are as comfortable and easy to wear as possible during the wearing in process.
7. Visits are scheduled after to check your Feet, to make any Orthotic adjustments, increase comfort and gauge the success of the Orthotic and other treatment(s).
8. Your feet, ankles or legs are on the way to comfort, cushioning and less pain.