Thanks for choosing Complete Feet for your clinical foot health needs.
You now have access to fantastic benefits including Australia’s most comprehensive foot analysis for the perfect Shoe & Orthotic prescription- 200% Guaranteed!

Your appointment will be between 20- 40 minutes long depending upon your needs. At your visit we will be looking at:
Your Health History including medications, past injuries, surgeries and allergies
Postural assessment including leg length measurement, foot posture and walking or Digital Video gaitAnalyis
Quality of your joints, muscles tendons and movements
Palpation (clinical feel) for sites of pain, inflammation or
PLUS… the comfort of knowing that we back up our clinic with Our famous Comfort and Care 200% guarantee

The Complete Feet Team
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Complete Feet Foot Orthotics-custom-made and off-the-shelf to relieve pain, cushion the feet & prevent injury. The best way to improve posture, walking / running & sports performance
Braces for Entire Body to enable the best possible rehabilitation results and keep you moving- ankle braces, knee braces and back braces

CAM Walkers (Moon Boots) to help aid in the recovery of fractures, sprains, and soft tissue injuries of the foot and ankle

Podiatry Clinic- treatment of corns, calluses, rough or cracked skin, warts, nails (including nail surgery) and more

Comfort, Sports & Running Shoes: We stock the latest models from the top brands. Ask about Australia’s Best Retail Foot Analysis so you can be sure you are getting the best shoe for your specific foot type
Foot Massage for sports therapy, pain reduction or rehabilitation

Foot Care creams, sprays, heel pads, etc

Travel and Compression Socks & Stockings

Comfort and Care Guarantee- Your 200% assurance for professionally fitted footwear & orthotics