About Us


Complete Feet is a unique combination that gives you the total Footcare and footwear experience. Our locations have footwear, footcare and professional Podiatry services with the added assurances of:

  • Australia’s best retail foot analysis for your perfect shoe fit. All footwear at or below retail prices
  • Our Comfort and Fit guarantee ensures your footwear will be as comfortable in store as they will be for at least the next 3 months
  • Injury prevention through expert client education, professional treatment and correct prescriptions
  • One stop footcare and footwear shop saves time travelling all over for all your needs
  • Clinicians who run on time & don’t keep you waiting

The specialised combination at Complete Feet gives you the freedom to take advantage of “Australia’s most comprehensive in store foot and footwear analysis”. We are truly the first one stop footwear and foot care shop available to the public. Complete Feet are specialists in analysing your needs and determining the best shoes, Footcare products or combination of treatments. And our online store has comfortable running shoes, comfortable walking shoes, foot orthotics, other footcare products and Podiatry.