Complete Feet is always on the lookout for positive, fun and self motivated team members to join our ever growing group in the areas of:

  • Podiatrist Jobs: Podiatrists interested in biomechanics and a total Footcare clinic and who enjoy a challenging patient caseload. Cases are varied and interesting providing an ever-learning environment. Treatment categories include sports biomechanics, fracture and injury management, compression therapy, footwear prescription and rehabilitation programs. In no other clinic do Podiatrists enjoy the variation of treatments and ability to learn so much more to help their patients.
  • Administration Team to help support our clients, clinicians and promote our services
  • Retail Footwear / Footcare team to provide gait analysis, footwear prescription and recommend Footcare products. Our team has included sports scientists, Podiatrists, Orthotists, Exercise physiologists and more. Part time and casual employment may be available.

Complete Feet has created a fantastic atmosphere for career growth through employing the right team who love to work in an environment of:
Honesty: The ability to tell the truth to others and yourself. By being truthful we create an environment where we all feel respected and safe. Be open to telling patients, other team members and referrers about the benefits, and also the limitations, of your CF treatments.

Integrity: Being whole and complete. Honouring ones word as ones self. When you say what you do, and do what you say. Always follow up all your team members, referrers and patients with your verbal or written promises and commitments. If unable to fulfil on a commitment then simply state that you were unable to complete it, apologise if necessary and make a new agreement that works for both parties involved.

Open communication: most upsets in the workplace are due to:

  1. an inability to communicate your needs
  2. an inability to express your emotion
  3. a dissatisfied expectation

With the ability to put into carefully thought out words what you are thinking and feeling, then very few upsets occur. We practice and endorse open communication to create a fantastic team and great relationships between ourselves, our patients and our referrers. At no time does Complete Feet condone talking ill about others without them present.

Commitment to learning & excellence: adopting the ability to always learn and excel in both personal and professional ventures. The upkeep of skills such as professional C.P.D. requirements, attending courses, following and improving our systems and providing the highest quality in all aspects of our employment is of utmost importance. We encourage you to be open and adaptable to always learn each and every day. Learning something new leads to a rich and rewarding workplace, an increase in personal confidence and skill, and a sense of self accomplishment.

Teamwork and fun: Each team member is a piece in the greater picture of helping to meet the needs of our clients, the business and each other. In our environment we all help with each others responsibilities in order to give our patients pain reduction, mobility or to achieve their own goals.

To enquire about a career with Complete Feet contact us on 1300 668 117 or email us