Your shoes are not just “fitted”, they are perfectly “prescribed”.

Selecting the perfect footwear, footcare products, or orthotics is essential to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. At Complete Feet our unique 5 step fitting process allows you to be guided into the perfect shoe for you. We assure it with our Comfort and Fit guarantee! With Australia’s best retail foot analysis your perfect shoe is just a step away.

Australia’s best in-store foot Analysis

Unique to Complete Feet is your foot analysis which allows us to perfectly prescribe your perfect custom footwear and comfortable fitting. How do we do it? Read on to get an insight to the huge difference a visit to our locations can make. Through the process you are educated about your feet so you can make informed decisions.

Step 1 : You are greeted by a friendly staff member who will firstly ask some basic questions to determine your needs such as:

  • the intended activity?
  • time or distances the shoes are used?
  • budget? (all shoes at or below RRP)
  • any foot pain or orthotics?

Step 2 : Tech-Step readings supply your force / pressure readings in static (standing) and walking. This gives a basic picture of your feet so we can begin looking at where your feet need cushioning and support features.

Step 3 : Treadmill digital video analysis whilst walking or running gives a clear indication of the angles between your feet, ankles and knees (known as biomechanics). If these are not optimal then they can be varied with shoes, orthotics or wedges to allow better quality movement and reduce the risk of injury.

Step 4 : Footwear is ‘prescribed’ and selected based on all your analysis information and sizing taken with an accurate Brannock device. We explain to you the features selected for your shoes and how they are of benefit to you. You will be guided as to how to obtain the most supportive and comfortable fit with:

  • different lacing techniques
  • specific lasts (shape & width of the shoe)
  • socks that provide support & cushioning features
  • your own Orthotics or ones that we can provide

Comfort & Fit Guarantee provides you with the added assurance that our footwear ‘prescription’ process is the best available. We invite you to trial the most comfortable and supportive shoes on the treadmill in-store for a minimum of 3 minutes to ensure that you are happy with the choice of shoe, size and comfort and any other prescription such as pads, Orthotics and insoles..

Sports & Running shoes:

Our range is hand selected to provide your feet with the specific features needed for every foot type. With top brand footwear such as ASICS, Nike, New Balance & Saucony your favorite sports or exersice activity is made more enjoyable. There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable, in pain or sustain an injury due to the wrong or poorly fitted footwear. Each shoe style and brand has specific support and cushioning features that are matched exactly to your feet.