Compression Stockings

Do You Need TRAVEL STOCKINGS to Prevent DVT or Compression Stockings for LYMPHODEMA?


  • A wide variety of people such as male and female – Flight attendants, business travellers, nurses and those on their feet all day are starting to wear compression stockings for mild swelling and DVT (Deep Vain Thrombosis) prevention. The thought is “prevention is better than cure”.
  • What is Lymphodema? Well, the lymphatic system acts as an aid to the venous system of the body acting to regulate the amount of fluids in different parts of the body. The lymphatic system also has a role within the boy’s immune system but when it is affected, it is the swelling of the affected limb that can cause much discomfort.
  • The application of correctly fitted compression stockings to a limb increases venous and lymphatic drainage to control oedema (swelling).
  • For the control of swelling, a range of personally fitted specialised stockings have been developed to aid the best recovery outcomes. Graduated compression stockings have proved advantageous in the control of chronic swelling and other conditions such as varicose veins– by gradually forcing the blood to flow from the extremities back to the heart. They come in a range of colours and sizes to best fit and co-ordinate to each person’s requirements and are fitted by our trained staff.
  • Many Lymphodema sufferers have now found genuine relief from wearing graduated compression stockings.
  • Why not contact your doctor for a referral for compression stockings or call our qualified staff at:
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